How To Make A Breakthrough For Your Ecommerce Business

How To Make A Breakthrough For Your Ecommerce Business
Aug 13, 2017
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When starting to build an ecommerce website, the thing that you always care about first is about the interface of the website. If you use an open source like Magento, you need to choose a suitable theme for your site and install it, that’s all. It’s very easy right?

BUT, interface is not all of a website, to ensure that your website can works in the best way, so your site must possesses the powerful features to meet the needs of the operation. This becomes more important for ecommerce websites, which are the websites with volumes of works, information must handle is very large.

With Magento, you can use the extensions to upgrade the features which needed for your website. On marketplace, there are many extensions for many purposes, various features. In this article, I will introduce you to some magento extensions for each different purpose; here are the features that you should prioritize when building an ecommerce website. 

1/ Nobody like the complicated checkout steps

Exactly, checkout step is the final step to complete an online transaction. For the default checkout features of Magento, customers must go through several checkout steps in the 3 different pages. Most of customers do not like this, it’s quite inconvenient when the customer needs to spend more time to finish checkout steps. Absolutely that you don’t want your customers give up and leave your site because of this inconvenience right?

2/ Allows users to rate & review products

While searching information the product, rate & review of the product are the things that all customers are very interested. This is the element that customers can rely on that can deciding to buy the product or not. So the feature which helps clients can rate & review products will be the key to increasing the confidence of customers for your store. This is a good way to improve the user experience of ecommerce website.

3/ Improve your site loads as fast as possible

There is the fact that the web users are typically an impatient bunch and with research telling you that over 40% of customers will abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. It means that you will lose a lot of customers if your website has load time is too long.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to making your site load quickly as speed optimization can be a deeply complicated topic and a tedious and ongoing maintenance process.

4/ Display a prominent search bar

On average, 30% of your shoppers will use search, and because each of those users knows exactly what they’re looking for (by entering either an item name or code). Owning a powerful search feature will help your customers can quickly find what they need. Absolutely that it will help to increase your sales opportunities.

5/ Have a properly categorized menu

Unlike the 30% of search users that know what they’re looking for, the other 70% that don’t really know (you know, the “just browsing” folk) will use the main site navigation.

The power and precision of the menu system will be the key to making customers satisfied. It also helps your customers can navigate more easily; customers can also finding products faster and more convenient.

6/ Save time with an FAQ section

Having a comprehensive FAQ section that covers common support requests will not only increase user confidence in your site, it also can save a lot of time for your customers by not having to write and wait for a reply to standard support requests.

7/ Ecommerce sites have to be Mobile optimized

When nearly 50% of your shoppers are browsing your site on a mobile device, you had better make sure your potential customers have the best possible shopping experience. In addition, according to Google announcement this year , they will give higher priority to sites that are optimised for mobile viewing. Being mobile optimized has never been a bigger priority.

Optimize your site for mobile device is an essential thing. Most likely it will have a direct impact to your business.

8/ SEO optimized

In a study by Optify, they discovered that sites that are ranked first on Google receive an average CTR (click-through rate) of 36.4%, second a CTR of 12.5% and third a CTR of 9.5%. Knowing these stats, and quickly accepting the power that Google has over your eCommerce business, you had better make sure all of your pages are fully SEO optimized upon launch.

The importance of SEO in the present time is undeniable; more traffic from search also means that you will have more customers who can reach your products.




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  • Austin
    Aug 17, 2017

    Hi James, Thanks for the post! I use most of the tips you wrote about but did find a few new ones for me to add to my workflow, which will help a lot, awesome!

    Aug 16, 2017

    Hi Austin, glad to hear you found something useful for yourself!


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